The legalization of recreational cannabis is changing the landscape of the California market, and Eureka Oxygen is changing with it.

As Northern California’s leading welding gas supplier, we are well-equipped to meet the needs of this burgeoning cannabis market, especially within the world of concentrates. Concentrates (a term used to refer to products created through a process known as extraction) are now one of the most popular ways to imbibe cannabis due to their higher purity and all-around quality. This is especially true for Butane Hash Oil and CO2 cannabis oil. We offer everything you need for making cannabis oil safely and effectively, including Butane tanks, ISO Butane Blends, CO2 tanks, and cylinder gas refills.

Local CO2 Tank Filling

If you’re looking for equipment, advice, or information for your BHO or CO2 cannabis extraction business, we here at Eureka Oxygen have you covered.  Not only do we offer BHO, ISO Butane Blends, and CO2 tanks, we have four locations to serve Northern California and beyond. We believe in the highest standards of concentrate technology and our technical experts have years of experience working with cylinder gases and equipment and are available to answer any questions you may have about the process.  Check out our locations page to find all of our CO2 tank refill locations in Northern California.

How to Make BHO and CO2 Cannabis Oil
Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, is one of the most commonly seen extraction products in the cannabis market due to its versatility and high THC content.  It is often viscous and amber-colored, coming in a variety of textures from oily to glass-like, and is made by pushing liquid butane or ISO butane blends through cannabis plant material.   Butane is nonpolar chemical solvent which liquefies easily and when pushed through cannabis material, it will quickly dissolve the plant’s trichomes and cannabinoids.   The resulting solution is a mixture of cannabinoids dissolved in butane.  ISO butane blends are typically a mixture of butane and propane and offer a similar result, but is often believed to extract a more complete terpene profile.

Once the butane or butane blend is properly evaporated and “purged” to remove all the butane  from the cannabis solution, you are left with a waxy to glass-like amber colored substance, known as Butane Hash Oil.  It is this purging process which determines product’s final texture.  

BHO can be obtained through either “open-blasting” or using a “closed loop” extraction system.  Open blasting is usually completed using a glass or metal tube, into which your plant material is packed.  One side is covered with screen or filter, and the other side is left open for the application of butane or ISO butane blend.  The butane is then sent through the tube, and the solution will slowly drop out the screen or filter on the other side.  Open-blasting can be achieved with just a few materials, but its highly flammable and explosive nature requires utmost care and professionalism.  It is for this reason that a closed-loop extraction system is recommended, which features a  well-sealed tank and attached tube where the blasting is confined.

CO2 Cannabis Oil

CO2 Cannabis Oil is most effectively obtained through a process known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction , which utilizes a CO2 extraction machine to separate plant material.  This sophisticated method is one of the most effective ways to reduce cannabis to its essential compounds.

While the biochemical details of CO2 cannabis oil extraction is complex. the process, especially when using a CO2 extraction machine, is not.  CO2 is a supercritical fluid, which simply means it converts to liquid form when pressurized.  A CO2 extraction machine makes it possible to change CO2 gas into a liquid by increasing pressure and keeping the temperature low.  Once the CO2 gas is in a liquid state, you raise the pressure and temperature of the liquid CO2 using your machine’s compressor and heater.  This changes the CO2 into its “supercritical” state, allowing it to pass through any plant material contained in the machine’s extractor.  This is the point where the CO2 is able to pull the THC, CBD, and terpene oils out of the cannabis, and this solution is then passed through a separator, which lowers the pressure, causing the CO2 to separate from the extracted product.  The CO2 is passed through a condenser, turned back into liquid form, where it can be used again.  

Differences Between BHO vs. CO2 Cannabis Oil

BHO Benefits

Butane Hash Oil is one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrates.  The process tends to allow for stronger terpene preservation and expression  than CO2, which results in a tastier and more aromatic cannabis concentrate where the individual strain flavor can really shine through.   

Butane Hash Oil extraction results in a variety of consistencies, all with differing tastes and effects.  This allows for a wide selection of BHO products for consumers, including shatter, wax, oil, crumble, and live resin.  In addition,  BHO extraction is one of the strongest cannabis products on the market, with an average THC content of 75% but many products can contain up to 90%.

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