CBD has become a household acronym. Actually, CBD is more a contraction than an acronym. Those three letters do not stand for three separate words; however, they are all three present in the word “cannabidiol,” which is what CBD is. CBD is much easier to pronounce and reduces confusion between CBD and THC, which are both cannabinoids – the category of biochemical agents present in cannabis.

The distinction between CBD and THC is that THC can produce psychoactive effects, including hallucinations. Some people enjoy that, and in many states, it is now legal to do so. However, CBD has moved into the limelight precisely because it does not have that effect, but – as proven in numerous clinical trials and studies – can contribute to the reduction of physical pain, anxiety, and an extensive list of other ailments. While THC is still only legal in a limited number of states, CBD as a product potentially manufactured from hemp has become legal in all 50 states, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018.

CBD is now available in a variety of formats, from gummy bears and baked goods to vape cartridges. It is also available in tincture and topical ointments. It’s even available in CBD-only pre-rolled joints (presumably only in states where marijuana is legal). The number of outlets for CBD has outstripped those for THC products as well. Natural Food stores almost universally carry a variety of CBD products. Standard Hotels carry CBD goodies in the rooms’ minibars in their flagship locations in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Head shops, even where they are not allowed to sell THC products, are carrying a variety of CBD items.
CBD is increasingly not considered a “head shop” kind of thing, though. Friends don’t let friends suffer chronic pain or anxiety without suggesting they try CBD. Word of mouth promotion by CBD users who testify to its efficacy has caused a groundswell of demand. That has increased the market demand, but not the market price. Competition, spurred by savvy entrepreneurs, has led to improved technology, quality, and scale in CBD production and marketing operations. This, in turn, is bringing prices down.

As with all positive things on the rise and the horizon, so with CBD manufacture and sales: ‘There is no better time than now.

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