What is Consistency?

The definition of consistency is “the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.” You can imagine that the extraction methods, the original product and the equipment being used all play a role in the outcome of an extracted product.

Just like brand consistency in general, being consistent with your product is part of your marketing. It elevates your brand, makes you seem more dependable, and builds a level of trust with your consumers. Keeping things consistent allows consumers to relate to your brand, and to your product.

Why is Consistency Important?

People want to spend their money on something they know will deliver the same results they’ve had before. If cannabis users can’t count on the outcome, they will move on to a brand that works the same for them all the time. Consumers know how to research manufacturers, and consistency is one of their selection criteria.

Imagine if the milk you purchased tasted differently with a different texture every time you bought it. Would you look for a brand that offered the same taste every time? The same holds true for cannabis users. Everyone wants to know what their experience is going to be like before they buy something.

How Can You Show Consistency?

Lab testing is one way to show the consistency of your product. Testing can be conducted at several points of the extraction process: before extraction, during the processing, and again before the sale, by a licensed third-party laboratory. Reviews by users is a great way to show that your brand has consistency! People trust other people, and 84 percent of shoppers trust reviews online as much as they trust their friends. Utilize your great customer base to share the

The Method You Use

Cannabis oil extraction utilizes automated equipment which removes a variety of factors that could lead to inconsistent product. Automation allows for fine-tuning the composition of the final product, which is especially important with regards to cannabinoids and terpenes.

Extraction already provides a more consistent product over flower-based product, and using the same source material, equipment and methods will ensure your final product will be the same from batch to batch. Whether you use CO2, butane, ethanol or another kind of extraction, using the same method for your process will ensure consistency across your brand. Feel free to reach out to Eureka Oxygen for more information on the variety of extraction solvents available.

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