We deliver to you! Our four store locations throughout Northern California ensure easy access to all our extraction products and industrial gases like propane, butane or dry ice! From Gold Beach, OR to the Golden Gate Bridge, we have you covered.


The legalization of recreational cannabis is changing the landscape
of the California market, and Eureka Oxygen is changing with it.


If you are going to weld, everything you need is available at Eureka Oxygen.
It’s that simple.

Eureka Oxygen Company

8 – 5 Monday thru Friday
9 – 12 Saturday

Lake County Welders Supply

8 – 4:30 Monday thru Friday

Petaluma Oxygen Company

8 – 5 Monday thru Friday

Ukiah Oxygen Company

8 – 5 Monday thru Friday

There was a time (the 20th Century) when industrial gas meant simply oxygen and acetylene for welding. Now we have Argon CO2 mixes for short arc welding or MIG welding, Argon O2 mixes for spray arc welding, Argon Helium for mechanized welding, and Argon Hydrogen. We carry a wide selection of industrial gases and mixes to fit the needs of our customers. From scuba divers to welders to medical professionals, Eureka Oxygen has the gas you need.

There are many modes of welding – and Eureka Oxygen handles them all, including the leading brands in welding. We have all kinds of welding supplies available. Eureka Oxygen is also an authorized repair facility for Miller Welders. We also have Victor, Smith, and Uniweld cutting torches.

If you are interested in the production of cannabis products for non-flammable ingestion, Eureka Oxygen is your number one Humboldt County resource because Eureka Oxygen is also a 21st Century business and a fully Humboldt County business. So it only stands to reason that our expertise in industrial gases should serve you in good stead when bringing the use of gases to the extraction of cannabinoids.

    • As a resource for:
  • Dry ice (CO2) DIY supercritical CO2 oil extraction
  • Butane (local restrictions apply) for BHO (Butane Hash Oil)
  • Propane for PHO (Propane Hash Oil)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol for Quick Wash
  • Isopropyl Extract (QWISO)

Eureka Oxygen can handle the most mundane methods of cannabis concentrate production. We can also, provide sophisticated supercritical CO2 production engines, which optimize the yield and simplify the process for the producer.

Need fire suppression equipment? Eureka Oxygen carries a wide selection of equipment for your needs. We carry fire extinguishers, exit and emergency lighting, fire hoses and reels, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, cabinets and covers, and k-type extinguishers. They also inspect, test and certify fire extinguishers and inspect and service commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

Eureka Oxygen also is your supplier for industrial equipment.

    We have:

  • Air compressors
  • Air tools
  • Bench grinders
  • Hand tools
  • Construction equipment
  • And many more items!

Be sure to come check out our wide selection of industrial and construction equipment.

Looking for someone near you for your welding, CBD oil extraction, fire suppression equipment, or industrial equipment? Eureka Oxygen has locations in Petaluma, Lakeport, Ukiah, and Eureka. We develop one on one relationships with our customers. You will come in and find a friendly expert to help you with your questions. Stop by today to talk to our helpful experts and fill you welding, cannabis oil extraction, fire suppression, or industrial needs.

Eureka Oxygen Company

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Ukiah Oxygen Company

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Lake County Welders Supply

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Petaluma Oxygen Company

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